Aaron Ashu Ashu

I was born in Limbe, a small town in the southwest province of Cameroon, where I lived and grew up as a young boy. I attended a catholic primary school in Gardens, and a government High School, both in Limbe. My father was not a rich man per se, but he did all he could for us to go to college. My mother spent her entire time taking care of us and was always there to teach, guide, and support us in all our endeavors as we made our individual decisions in life. Becoming a man, I now realize how much sacrifice and pain my parents bore while raising us as kids. For this, I own them a lot. As a kid, I loved eating food all the time, and was not interested in hanging out with friends of same age. .Over the years, as I grew up, I wanted to become a military officer, because I thought serving my country was the right thing for a man to do. But as I went to High School, I gradually fell in love with the sciences. My favorite subject was Biology. With this in mind, I decided to further my education at the University of Dschang, where I majored in Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences. My intention was to become an agronomist. At this institution, I spent another three years of my life, being a student and trying to survive as well. My extra curricula activities were limited to attending Bahá’í gatherings and playing football. Life was not the best, but it was okay for me. Becoming a Bahá’í was one of the best things that ever happened to me as a young man. It serves as a source of inspiration just when needed. For example, when ever I was tempted to do the wrong thing, I will hear my conscience calling aloud, please stop. I also try to treat others the same way I would like them to treat me. With this wonderful guidance, I have managed to hold on to life for twenty nine years today.

Due to other concerns and worries, I left the University of Dschang and took refuge in Texas, USA. At this point, I started a new life, “Brand new”. Thank God, Texans accepted me, I started rolling again. Meeting the right people in America was a blessing for somebody like me; l have learned so much in life, that am happy I did. My first job in this great country was in Texas, where I worked with Texas Instruments as a manufacturing specialist. I learned quite a lot and the pay was good for a twenty-five year old man, but I was interested in realizing my dreams, of becoming an engineer. Not satisfied, with what I had at that moment, I decided to leave all that behind and enroll back in school. With the help of Daniel Healy, a great friend of mine, I found myself at the University of Arkansas. Why Arkansas? I don’t know. But I knew one thing that I had to do with my life, that is, putting some book into this big head of mine. Somehow I made some research, as to what major should I should do. Unfortunately, I fell into the hands of Mr. Chemical Engineering. Ever since, it has been hell and heaven. Well, there is no need crying and laughing at the same time for that is what makes life interesting. I must finish what I started, and in the right time. Living Texas for Arkansas was a tough decision, but I am so happy I did.

Arkansas was very strange at first, but gradually it has become a home to me. I have met some wonderful people and made some great friends at school, and almost everything around me has grown so much better. Recently I got my second job in this country; this time, with Bioengineering Resources Inc. I like the job so much, not because of the pay, but because it feels good putting into practice what I learn in school everyday. As to what the future holds, I really don’t know, but I pray to God everyday for strength to take care of my family. Working and going to school is not something that I would prefer, for I don’t get to see the people I love or hang out a lot with friends. In any case, it gives me a sense of being productive. Well, the truth is, I can’t wait to drop one. I count myself lucky for having such an understanding partner-to-be. When ever I lose hope, she always gets me back in focus. I think I now understand why God made man to live with a woman. Okay enough about me and my issues.

I will like to give special thanks to the following friends who, in one way or the other, had contributed in making me what I am: my Mum and Dad, the Healys, Ettas, Titas, Fombes, and the Johnson’s families, Ndobe Vahid, Ambe Nchotu, Gustaff Besungu, Bate Bate, Alobwede Wilson, Chester Aruk, Oben Isaac, Steven Oneke, Arrey Charles, my brothers and sisters, and, most of all, my beautiful bride. I wonder what my life would have been without you guys and many others whose names I have not mentioned. Again, thank you.

Aaron Ashu Ashu

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